Workplace Development

We are one of Finland’s trailblazers in the area of working environments. We develop working environments, offices and office concepts intended for property owners and the organisations operating on properties under a service that we call MyWorkPlace. This service ensures that customers receive more cost-effective solutions for their working environments in accordance with changing requirements.

We provide workplace development services for working environment projects, from analyses of space requirements through to innovative designs for working environment concepts. In most cases, our customers seek to use their existing premises more efficiently, rearrange their premises, improve the user experience and occupational well-being, support new ways of working or reinforce their brands through the premises they work in.


Our development process advances in phases, and it is founded on an atmosphere of trust, which is created by means such as communication, steering group work and wide-ranging inclusion. Depending on the circumstances and the scope, inclusion may apply to senior managers, supervisors, personnel, customers, partners and also end customers.

Kartoitus- ja analyysi



Tilavalinnat ja -ratkaisut


Rakentaminen ja hankinnat

Muutto ja jälkiarviointi

Muutokseen valmistautuminen, osallistaminen ja vuorovaikutteinen viestintä

Modernising the working environment always calls for carefully planned and professionally executed change management and communication. When the organisation is brought on board for the journey towards change, the process is considered positive and the prerequisites for operating in the new environment improve substantially. Support for change management is one of our important services.


  • Planning and managing change management projects
  • Organisation and supervisor coaching
  • Steering group meetings
  • Information events for personnel and inclusive learning cafés
  • Work profile and user surveys
  • Pop-up workshops
  • Office protocol workshops and discussions such as the protocol game board
  • Workplace Development seminars
  • Premises design game
  • Information bulletins on the intranet
  • Utilising pilot projects
  • Developing learning environments

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