VR Oulu Passenger Train Sheds


VR-Group Ltd wanted to build the world’s most modern maintenance hall for trains in the cold climate of Oulu. The new depot combines robust knowledge of Nordic conditions with a commitment to sustainable development. The new depot was commissioned in 2014, improving the reliability, dependability and service capacity of train traffic.

The work was arranged in accordance with the lean model on the principle of the internal pull of the process. This has modernised the arrangement of premises and operations. Further important prerequisites for the design included ergonomics and occupational safety. The office premises are free from obstructions. High-quality break spaces and rest areas were built for the personnel, including three saunas and a staff restaurant.

  • 16,700 m2
  • Principal and architectural design

VR Oulu’s maintenance halls received the respected international ‘Brunel Award for Outstanding Design in Railway Transportation’ in the Netherlands in 2014.

The old maintenance sheds in Oulu were only used to service locomotives. The passenger carriages were cleaned and serviced outdoors. In the new halls, all of the work is done indoors. The premises were designed in accordance with the operations and the natural flow of goods. The railway yard and operations in the hall are controlled centrally. Food and other supplies are loaded onto passenger trains in the maintenance hall (22 m x 334 m). The rolling stock is cleaned, waste is removed and ice that has accumulated on the bogies is melted. All types of rolling stock can be serviced in the hall – up to four full-length trains at the same time. The building also has a maintenance and repair hall for nine carriages or locomotives and a refuelling hall for diesel locomotives, as well as office, warehouse and technical spaces. The halls have gantry cranes.

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Antero Polso
Architect, RAPS
+358 40 539 4800