Työhuone Pasila


Työhuone Pasila is a lively work space at street level in the Etera building. The area is a place to test the latest solutions to support occupational well-being. Työhuone Pasila is the only coworking space that combines work, joint development, research into working capacity and utilising feedback to develop the working environment.

The main partners in Työhuone are Etera, Elisa, Halton and Isku. In addition, other partners have been involved in offering services, including One4all, which produced the digital displays in the area, and Cuckoo Workout, which has introduced innovative activity services for break times.

  • 250 m2
  • Principal and architectural design
  • Workplace concept
  • Workplace development
  • Interior design
The lobby is a great place to meet and network with colleagues while enjoying some fresh coffee
Ritva Kokkola
Senior Workplace Consultant

Open work space and a corner dedicated to exercising during breaks

The conceptualisation of the premises was carried out by Adjunct Professor Suvi Nenonen in collaboration with KVA Architects. The design and interiors were the responsibility of Ritva Kokkola and Suvi Hirvonen from KVA Architects.

Työhuone contains an open working space, a meeting rooms, a breakout space and a presentation area. Quiet work points are available, as well as a café-like networking area, a presentation area and a meeting room. There is a dedicated corner for exercising during breaks, with all the required equipment. Työhuone also offers an excellent space for arranging various pop-up events. The restaurant and café services in the Etera building are also open to people working in Työhuone. The lobby is a great place to meet and network with colleagues while enjoying some fresh coffee. In the individual work area, you can engross yourself in your own work and projects while testing products designed to promote comfort at work. In the breakout area intended for concentration, you can get down to work along or with your team. There is an eight-person meeting room, adjustable tables and chairs in the open area, and a separate small room for phone calls. The exhibition and public space can be booked separately for events. The space is intended for up to 20 people. The relaxation area is located in the rear part of Työhuone, and it is a great place to take a quick break, relax or take an exercise break.

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