We wanted to create new life in the atrium of NCC’s Head Office in Helsinki, and make it available for the entire staff as a modern and multi-purpose meeting space. The atrium was little used, as it was considered an acoustically and functionally challenging area that people only passed through. Thanks to the new space concept, what used to be an empty atrium was converted into a space with multiple uses.

  • 350m²
  • Interior Design
KVA created a “living room” for us, which is now in frequent use and loved by the staff and visitors. The overall result was excellent.
Raija Korpi
Manager of Personnel Service & Travel Manager

Visually, we wanted it to be relaxed and cosy, with an atmosphere that was clearly different from traditional meeting rooms and office premises.

We created a new kind of fresh meeting area, enabling both internal and customer meetings. The available spaces vary from semi-open and open spaces to meeting rooms of various sizes. The café at the heart of the atrium also serves as a waiting room for customers in the adjacent entrance lobby, and as an ad hoc work area. The terraced stand built into the atrium enables larger numbers of people to attend events and information bulletins. We also wanted to enable random and informal encounters and spontaneous innovation by means of smaller niches with smaller and modifiable furniture, making the most of the corner areas.

A high atrium with a glass ceiling requires acoustic solutions and, being very bright, encouraged us to add plenty of pot plants. The concept’s pop-up atmosphere is reflected in the plywood surfaces and a bar counter made of pallets. The gabled roof features, which dominate the atrium’s visual theme – a suitable artistic style for a construction company – are repeated in the acoustic panels, other surfaces and also in the “houses”, semi-open meeting rooms made of house frames.

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Business Director
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