Finavia Maintenance Base


An extension to Helsinki Airport led to substantial changes in many of the functions in the area. Several buildings were expanded and altered. The airport’s maintenance vehicles were moved to entirely indoor areas. The airport’s emergency services all moved to a new emergency response station. The airport’s maintenance is responsible for looking after the runways, taxiing area and exterior areas of the terminal every day of the year. The “snowhow” developed by Finns is of a top international standard.

  • 9,500 m2
  • Project planning
  • Principal and architectural design
The design emphasised the security requirements in the airport area and the reliability of maintenance operations
Tommi Lehtimäki
Architect SAFA

During the project design phase, several studies were conducted on the locations of different functions and the traffic arrangements.

Four new vehicle halls were designed for specialist winter maintenance vehicles. The solution facilitates servicing and storage of vehicles, providing particular improvements to reliability in winter conditions. The buildings were designed jointly with the users to make them functional and as flexible as possible. A special characteristic of the design was the precise dimensions of the outdoor areas. The brush blower machines used to maintain the runways require an exceptionally large amount of room for manoeuvre, and the busiest times for maintenance always coincide with the most challenging weather conditions. For air passengers, the journey has gone smoothly when everything runs on time.

The airport’s emergency services moved to a new emergency response station in the immediate vicinity of the terminal. The location facilitates and accelerates the movement of emergency services personnel. The former emergency response station was repurposed as the nerve centre of the maintenance operations. The building contains premises for the maintenance personnel, offices and training facilities.

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Tommi Lehtimäki
Architect SAFA
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