DB Schenker Land Transport Centre


DB Schenker’s new offices for Greater Helsinki are located in Viinikkala, Vantaa, next to Helsinki Airport. The land transport centre’s functions have been centralised in Viinikkala, along with DB Schenker’s Finnish headquarters. The new terminal handles national and international road shipments, air and sea transport, parcel services and home delivery operations. The design of the new premises was based around enabling smooth, cost-efficient and ecological operations and work. The Viinikkala cross-docking terminal is centralised in one building – there is no need to transfer goods between terminals because shipments made with different transportation services are handled in the same place.

  • 52,000 m2
  • Needs analysis and project planning
  • Principal and architectural design
  • Interior design
DB Schenker’s Viinikkala land transport centre has been built in accordance with the BREEAM environmental certificate.
Erki Valdre
Architect, SAFA

The carbon footprint was reduced by 40 per cent

The carbon footprint was reduced by 40 per cent. buildings have a total floor area of 52,250 m2. The heated terminal buildings have a floor area of 28,500 m2, while the unheated warehouse for long goods and special items has an area of 3,310 m2. The office building has a floor area of 8,480 m2. The land transport centre accommodates 430 office employees and 220 terminal employees in addition to the drivers that visit the area, making for a total of nearly a thousand daily workers. There are a total of 786 solar panels, and 90,000 m2 of ecologically produced asphalt. There are 157 loading docks equipped with CMS monitoring systems. The terminal was built in two parts. The old side was built on the foundations of the previous warehouse. Most of the structures on the new side are made from wood. As such, the carbon footprint of the building is 40 per cent lower than it would have been if concrete or steel had been used. Wood is also a visually and acoustically pleasant material.

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Erki Valdre
Architect SAFA
Design Director
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