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A comprehensive workplace development and interior design project for Berner that also included laboratories and design of the Berner Shop between 2015- 2017. The design was based around the aim of increasing Berner’s internal collaboration and interaction when a large proportion of the decentralised operations were brought under the same roof. The new space arrangements and the appearance of the offices were intended to reflect the low hierarchy in the organisation, thereby bringing Berner’s premises into line with the company’s values and operating methods.  Berner wanted its brand and operations to be strongly communicated within the premises.

  • 3,700 m2
  • Needs analysis and project planning
  • Workplace Development
  • Property Search
  • Change Management support
  • Interior design
Our goal was to reinvent our entire working culture in addition to our working environment. It was important to us that the personnel were taken into consideration and were committed to the design and realisation. Thanks to KVA’s expert support and design, this entire project was a success, and our new premises are really great – just right for us.
Nicolas Berner
Berner Oy, CFO

An inclusive process led to the creation of a mobile activity based office as Berner’s workspace solution.

The highly mobile personnel can either work in designated “home bases” or in a flexible way across several alternative working areas, including the library, the personnel lounge area or in project-working spaces. Berner is an old company with a long history, and the new premises were meant to reflect this in a way that formed a subtle part of the overall entity. The overall visual appearance and the individual interior solutions and materials were intended to communicate high quality and timelessness.

The spaces customised for various functions required wide-ranging designs of specialised fixtures – these items were designed specifically for Berner and they constituted a key entity in creating the interior design appearance.

Developing virtual solutions as part of an office entity was a key part of the project from the very beginning, as a workstation solution based on changing workstations must be backed by functional technology. The use of large screens as an interior design element to display high-quality videos presenting the brands plays a key role in setting a modern visual atmosphere in areas such as the lounge and the product exhibition area in the guest lobby.

With the challenge of low ceilings, the furniture selection is light. contemporary and modern.

Ergonomics and the functionality of the furniture were absolute requirements, and all seating furniture was tested by users in advance.

A large number of products are handled in the offices, and specialised product handling points were designed for this purpose in an inclusive process that involved the users.

The chosen surface materials included naturally-coloured wood that will stand the test of time, as well as coloured metals (brass, copper and carbon steel). The tonal harmonies obtained with these materials also extend to the interior textiles and paint colours.

Valuable furniture, art and items such as old product packages were included as impressive elements in a considered manner. The names of the visitor meeting rooms and glass wall decals derived from the signatures of Berner’s managing directors are examples of this.

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