KVA Architects is an inclusive design practice

KVA Architects is a diverse design practice founded in 1964. Our strength is our inclusive approach to design, which ensures that our creations are insightful and user-centric, with aesthetics that suit our customers’ brands. Thanks to our strong experience and range of complementary services, we are able to design and realise impressive buildings, spaces and working environments that are functional right down to the final blueprint.

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Our architectural design services range from consulting to design and final realisation. Thanks to our extensive experience and inclusive working method, we have an exceptionally good practical understanding of design and construction as a whole. Our experienced principal designers, functional network model and cost-conscious design culture ensure that the result is very high-quality, functional and genuinely user-centric architecture.

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Interior design

We design concepts for spaces with high aesthetic and ergonomic standards, as well as ecological and social sustainability. We design solutions jointly with our customers to ensure that they underpin the company’s strategy and brand in just the right way. We aim to design highly functional and appropriate spaces that bring joy to the people who occupy them every day

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Workplace Development

A functional working environment supports the various phases of work and facilitates the organisation’s processes and collaboration. As working methods change, working environments must also keep pace. We develop entirely new workplace development concepts, and we also support organisations in practical alteration work.

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